We support our customers preserve their information and reputation
    We identify flaws in systems and processes,

    mitigating the associated risks

PRIDE Security

PRIDE Security is a consultancy specialized in information security that offers customized services and products to meet every business’ needs and goals. We identify flaws in systems and processes and help clients to mitigate the associated risks, thus upholding their information and reputation.

Our team is made up of former consultancy directors, our experts are highly experienced, most having over 15 years in the industry. They have acted in projects related to information security in companies that stretch over every continent, many of them being Fortune 500. Our team has the knowledge to act in the most complex of projects, and capability to gather knowledge from various areas, such as cryptography, reverse engineering in many architectures, hardware debugging and programming.


We are a private Brazilian company with no ties to investors, neutral in evaluating manufacturers of security products, and with no sales goals to ensure that our team maintains focus on the quality and delivery of results that exceed expectations. Our growth is driven by current clients´ recommendation of our services, associated with the reputation and relationships we build with each project.

Hours of penetration tests
Lectures in the most important offensive security events around the world
Physical security tests carried out succesfully in several countries


We focus on technical excellency and personalized service, acting in a diverse range of projects, from security tests in SCADA environments to national security projects.

With international technical recognition, PRIDE Security professionals constantly lecture in security events around the world. See some examples below:

▸ Blackhat – USA

▸ RSA Conference – USA

▸ Defcon – USA

▸ ToorCon – USA

▸ Blackhat – Europe

▸ OWASP AppSec Research – Europe

▸ OWASP AppSecEU09 – Europe

▸ Troppers – Germany

▸ H2HC (Hackers 2 Hackers Conference) – Brazil

▸ YSTS (You Sh0t The Sheriff) – Brazil

In addition to lecturing in the main security events around the world, our professionals author several papers and coauthor offensive technology patents registered in the United States of America (US8756697), and are responsible for finding and publishing software flaws in softwares such as Sun Solaris, Kernel de FreeBSD/NetBSD, QNX RTOS, Microsoft ISA Server, Microsoft Word, Adobe Flash, Adobe PDF, among others.


We believe that quality service demands a high-level evaluation of specific needs. We have a network of highly experienced and internationally recognized experts to provide you the most modern solutions in defensive and offensive security.


A great solution in information security is only worth it if implemented with excellency. We live up to our reputation in other´s recommendations, with a team of professionals that are qualified to deliver more than what is expected and to overachieve in every project.


Monitoring results is part of our service offerings. PRIDE Security’s growth is associated with the reputation and relationships we build with each project. We are ready to monitor the information security of clients with the allocation of an exclusive and highly capable team.


Penetration Tests
Red Team & Social Engineering
Research & Development
Vulnerabilities management & Hardening
SDLC security
Security Control Evaluation